Sunday, 31 January 2010

ASAL Resrvation starts today(31-01-2010)

Source: Dailythanthi 31-01-2010

Friday, 29 January 2010

Ajith plays cop in Gautham’s next?

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Source: Deccan Chronicle Jan 29, 2010

Spreading cheer - Actor Prabhu

Prabhu’s soon-to-be-released Asal is a much-expected film of the year. malathi rangarajan talks to the veteran actor-producer
I f you need lessons in being casual and cautious at the same time, Prabhu is the best pedagogue you can find! Sprinkling the exchange with oodles of cheer he also ensures that he gives away only so much about his family production Asal, which is expected to roll out in the next few days. Nevertheless it’s a joy to interact with the veteran, who has astutely put his days as a successful hero behind him and is now creating a niche for himself as a rewarding character actor.
You don’t sense the anxiety of a producer in his voice as we talk about Sivaji Films’ Asal, one of the biggest projects of the year, which is to see the light of day soon. What keeps him in such good humour always? “Basically I’m a happy person,” he laughs out loud. And on a serious note adds, “We have capable folks handling the production.” Ramkumar, Prabhu’s brother and the brain behind the banner, Prabhu’s son Vikram, Ramkumar’s son Dushyanth, Giri Shanmugam and others in the family are on the job. “And for me life continues to be peaceful with a loving family of wife, children, grandson and a host of well-wishers,” he chortles.
Strangely, even after the stupendous success of Chandramukhi, Sivaji Films’ didn’t go in for a Tamil venture at once. Instead Ramkumar decided to make a Hindi film, and Delhi Heights came about. “Hindi isn’t new to Sivaji Films. We’ve made some great films there in the past. The music of DH was a sell-out. And the film was a small experiment. We now know the market better,” contends Prabhu. All the same, be it the impressive cast, exotic locations or the formidable technical crew, nothing about Asal is small.
For the first time, Ajith Kumar joins hands with the imposing production firm. “It was so easy to work with him. One day when Ajith asked me casually why we weren’t doing a Tamil film, my poser was, ‘Will you work with us?’ That was when Asal began,” he says.
Roles of substance
He’s now working with Narain in Thambi Kottai and is entering Telugu with the Prabhas-Kajal Agarwal film, Darling. Prabhu chooses characters with care, and manages to zero in on roles with substance. But nearly all of them have him portraying characters from a bucolic background. So we’ve been seeing him clad in dhotis most of the time (may be the Ayan look was different). “With my convent schooling and English fluency, I should be able to do enough justice to modern characters. Somehow after the success of films such as Unakkum Enakkum… I was offered roles on those lines,” he smiles. But Asal should change all that — stills from the film that show a hip and happening Prabhu are doing the rounds. And don’t miss his accessories in them! “Ha! Ha, I should give my son Vikram and nephew Dushyanth the credit for their tips on the latest trends,” he replies.
What made the producers take director Saran on board for Asal? “Saran has potential and he and Ajith have made hits together. If you are referring to the earlier piece of news that Gautham Menon or for that matter Harris Jayaraj was to be part of a Sivaji Films’ project, I’d like to clarify that they are wonderful technicians and our production house will work with them one day. Things didn’t work out only because of the dates.” Anyway Saran and Prabhu have known each other from the time the actor played hero in K. Balachander’s Duet. Saran was KB’s associate then. Later, Saran wielded the megaphone for Vasool Raja MBBS in which Prabhu donned the role played by Arshad Warsi in Munnabhai…
Asal’s heroine line-up of Bhavna and Sameera Reddy should be an added lure. “As I told you, we have an interesting cast that includes Suresh, Pradeep Rawat, Rajeev Krishna, Kelly Dorgi and Sampath. And both the girls are wonderful, very professional,” he certifies. What kind of roles do they play? “I know only mine,” he laughs cryptically. “But I can assure you that Asal will be a cool, stylish actioner like Billa. A real entertainer! Bhavna is making a comeback with the film and Asal should augur well for her.”
But who is he paired with in the film? “Ah! I won’t tell you that,” he chuckles. The ever-smiling, tight-lipped conversationalist is at it again! (Paradox intended!)
Source: The Hindu (Dated: 29-1-2010)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ajith: I have good understand with Saran

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ajith treats Different

Well, we know that our Ultimate Star does it differently from others, be it in reel or real.  As we know, ‘Asal’ is ready to hit the screen by the month of Feb. So, our hero had arranged for a party in a star hotel. Don’t think it’s for the producers and director... it’s for the assistant directors.

  Looks like Ajith was happy at the way the film has turned out and he feels that the assistant directors have worked hard for that. He had invited them over for a surprise party and had gifted them all with a photo album.  And the best part is about the photos in the album. Ajith had clicked snaps of the complete ‘Asal’ team (including light-men and touch-up boys) without their knowledge and had made it as a memorable album.  Hmmm we don’t find many celebrities who treat their team this way, do we?

Source: Indiaglitz

Monday, 25 January 2010

ASAL Trailer


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Dhanush and Sarath discard title as Ajith did....

Source: Tamil Murasu Jan 24, 2010

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Producers Officially Confirmed Asal's Release date as Feb 5th

Atlast, to put an end to all the rumours about the release date of Asal, Mr.Dushyanth, from Sivaji Productions' officially confirmed that the movie will be released on Feb 5th, 2010.

Many websites and papers are confusing Ajith fans by putting news that Asal has been postponed to Feb 12th as many movies are releasing on Jan 29th. Producers of Asal strongly deny the news that the movie is postponed. They informed us that the movie will hit the screens surely on Feb 5th without any doubt. This is the first time, producers have confirmed the release date officially.

Promos are expected to be aired from tomorrow.


ASAL trailer from tomorrow (24-01-2010) onwards..

For the yearning ones for Ajith Kumar’s ‘ASAL’, there’s something you can delight with. With the film’s release slated for Valentine’s Day weekend, the producers have planned to air the trailers from tomorrow (Sunday).

Since Kalainyar TV has acquired the satellite rights of this film, the channel is set to air the trailer vigorously round the clock from tomorrow.

The film’s audio was witnessed record breaking sales throughout the state, especially in Madurai where around 9,000 CDs were sold out on the day of audio launch itself…

Awesome Ajith at Shooting Spot

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Divya Spandana likes Ajith


Venkat Prabhu Expectation to Direct Ajith

Source: Tamil Murasu Jan 21, 2010

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ajith unseen images with fans



Ten reasons to watch ASAL- S magazine

ASAL songs- S magazine pick of the album


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Shocking Demise Of Ajith Kumar's Demise

Sometimes, things cannot be as horrendous as this. Actor Ajith Kumar is unable to overcome the direful scenario of witnessing the death of a person who performed his dupe in ‘ASAL’. The entire crew had shot an important stunt sequence across the seas of Malaysia.

The pictured scene was all about Ajith Kumar spotted on the edge while the Chinese swimmer will have to jump into waters as the dupe. The first shot was accomplished with an ease and so was the next one. But unexpectedly, the person missed the timing of getting to the rope’s grip and fell straight into seas.

Sooner, the entire crew and rescue team jump-started into the waterbed and couldn’t find his whereabouts. Three days later, his body was found on the surface and Ajith Kumar couldn’t withstand the gruesome death. Apparently, his eyes were soaked in tears as the family members cried pathetically. The actor took part in the final funeral rites and personally met the family members offering them some financial aid.

Closer sources have revealed that the actor isn’t back to the normalcy even after many days have passed by.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Vannathiri Q&A about Ajith?

Source: vanthirai Magazine

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Dinakaran Vasantham : ASAl Special

Source: Dinakaran,

Friday, 15 January 2010

Meet the boss of Sivaji Productions - Ramkumar

‘For us, the star comes first’
Shobha Warrior in Chennai
The boss at Sivaji productions is legendary Sivaji Ganesan’s eldest son, Ramkumar.
As the latest Tamil movie from the production house, Aasal directed by Saran starring Ajith, Sameera Reddy and Bhavana gets ready for release, Ramkumar speaks exclusively to’s Shobha Warrior about the movie and movie making.
Do you feel Sivaji productions has changed after the success of Chandramukhi (based on the Malayalam film, Manichitrathazhu)?
No, we are the same production house, which is a pop-and-mum retail shop. It has been 34 years and I am still here. There haven’t been that much changes. The only change we feel is that Sivaji is not with us. Many of us thought we would have the goodwill only when he was alive but we managed to retain the goodwill even after him.
Why is it that in interviews, you refer to your father as Sivaji or Mr Sivaji Ganesan and not as father or Appa?
We have seen him introduce himself as Sivaji Ganesan. He didn’t expect everyone to know him. We talk of him as a cinema personality and not as our father. When I refer to him as father, I don’t want anyone to ask, who are you talking about. That is why I always refer to him as Sivaji.
What are the things you look for before producing a film?
Like I said, we are still the old pop-and-mum shop. We are still a star oriented company. We have not made many small budget films. We made a film with Prabhu (Ramkumar’s younger brother) only five years after he became a star. We only go for a star who will get a good opening and minimum guarantee.
Does that mean story and director come only after the star?
Yes, first I get a star’s date and only after that comes the story and the director.
Won’t the story suffer then?
This has been the practice from the time of Sivaji and MGR. Writers write stories with them in mind. Many writers had stories for them then, and now they have stories for Ajith, Vijay, Surya, the Super Star (Rajnikanth) or Kamal (Haasan). When I say I am going to make a film with Rajni sir or Ajith, many people come with their stories written with them in mind.
This time, before Billa released, we got Ajith’s dates. We had some other director then.
Gowtham Menon was to direct him then for Sivaji Productions. What happened?
We had Ajith’s dates but the script was not getting ready and we were waiting for it. He was busy with some other film. Then, we decided to part ways and work together some other time.
Was it a friendly parting of ways?
We have been in the industry for a very long time. It is because of this goodwill that we are still making films. I don’t know how others feel about it, but yes, we parted ways amicably.
Then again, we thought of a couple of people before booking Saran as he had given a few hits with Ajith. There was agreement on the subject also.
Your son and Prabhu’s son are looking after the production ofAasal now. Have you passed on the baton?
Yes, partly. The youngsters have come in and I want them to learn. They are taking over the creative side as their style of thinking suits today’s audience. For the first time in 35 years, I didn’t go to the shooting spot except once when they shot in Chennai. Vikram and Dushyanth take care of everything.
I also feel Ajith might feel more free if the youngsters are there. When I go there, he will stand up and call me ’sir’. He is a very decent man, very respectful.
Aren’t you part of the creative discussions at all?
It is not that I have left completely. If not for anything, we have been in the industry for so long and made a few hit films.
Do you feel the taste of today’s film watching audience has changed?
The tastes of the city audience might have changed but if you take the state as a whole, there are not that many changes. Ladies, the B and C audience are still the same. When you are making a big budget movie, you cannot think of multiplexes alone; you have to think of the whole state. Only then can you recover the money.
What is the revenue share from the A centre?
You get 50-60 per cent from A centres because you have big theatres and the ticket rates are high. Now, what has happened is most of the B and C centres have become A centres. We might even get 70 per cent of our collections from A centres. But the crowd mentality has not changed much. It may be less melodramatic but a little tug at the heart is what they need.
You say you want to cater to the entire state. From the producer’s point of view, how do you make a balance between different kinds of audience, from the urban to the real rural?
You have to create a balance between all the centres. We have movies where heroes fight the villains. Good stunts attract all tyeps of people. We have beautiful songs, good looking girls, good clothes, dramatic scenes. We tried to strike a balance in Chandramukhi. But who thought the film would run for 2-3 years?
Aasal is one of the most modern looking films in the history of Tamil cinema. 70 per cent of the film was shot outside India.  So, the whole look of the film is different but we have an Indian story and an Indian guy.
Tell us something more about Aasal?
Aasal is real or original. It is about Shiva, played by Ajith, who is not getting his due and it is his fight to get that. From childhood, he has been fighting to get his due. It is also about the interesting people he meets on the way. It is an action filled adventure.
The story takes place in France and later moves to Mumbai. We shot most of the film in France and the Mumbai portions were shot in KL as Mumbai was flooded at that time. Film France website mentioned about Aasal as the Indian movie that had the longest shoot there. When we were shooting there, Clint Eastwood was shooting next to us.
Prasant Misale, an assistant to Nirav Shah, who shot the Dhoom series and Billa has shot the film. Some of the aerial shots taken in France are breathtaking.
When you are shooting in France with artists walking in clothes that suit the place, the whole look of the film changes.
How was Ajith as the hero of a Sivaji production?
He was extremely co-operative. He was there when the story was discussed. He is part of the post production work too.  Sameera Reddy and Bhavana were also fantastic.
Do you like an actor interfering in the technical aspects of the film?
I don’t find it interfering. I call it contribution. We are also a family of actors. Even Sivaji sir was part of story discussions. He used to listen to the songs before going for shoots. Why are they super stars? Because they make the right choices. So, their contribution will always help and add value to the film.
But I am the boss here. Even the director is the captain of the ship but I own the ship [laughs]. But I am a very lenient, broad minded and a supportive boss. I still want discipline. If there is no discipline, I will ask the captain to move away.
Source: Rediff

ASAL Movie Preview...

Cast: Ajith Kumar, Prabhu, Sameera Reddy, Bhavana, Suhasini Mani Ratnam
Director: Saran
Producer: Ramkumar Ganesan, Prabhu Ganesan
Music Director: Bharadwaj
Banner: Sivaji Productions
In true Ajith style, no one is talking about this movie called Aasal. Just snippets of eagerly-lapped up info on how the script is an action-thriller never done before, how the locations all over the world are breathtaking, how there are two lovely leading ladies in the movie who are not mere eye-candy and how the sex-appeal of the villains – five of them at least – match any hero’s! Perhaps that’s why Thala has been chosen to fill the large superstar’s shoes…
Talking to director Saran, as Aasal stands on the verge of release, one can observe the same calm he displayed just before shooting commenced. He knows what anticipation his partnership with Ajith creates, but is completely untouched by its pressure. Call it confidence or call it professionalism? “There are two important things about Aasal that we did take into consideration. What Ajith fans expect from a Ajith-Saran combo and what they expect when that combo combines with Sivaji Productions, a production house that has given the super hit Chandramukhi. We had to fulfill these expectations, but at the same time, we drew a boundary for ourselves as well. While we have taken utmost efforts to satisfy Ajith’s diehard fans, we have also made sure that the movie will suit the rest of the audience as well. While the fan is sure to feel the movie was made entirely for him, the rest of the audience will not feel left out either,” reveals the director, who has his finger on the pulse of the Ultimate Star’s loyal fans.
“Ajith is undeniably a mass hero. He knows exactly what his fans would like to see on the screen. That’s why it has been a pleasure to have him contribute towards the dialogues and screenplay,” he adds. Yugi Sethu, the screenwriter, confirms the same, saying, “His part in the script and dialogues has been invaluable. Ajith is fully in sync with the cravings of his fans, while Saran is great at improvising things on the spot. The three of us worked on the script together. I believe this is the first time Ajith’s name will appear in the writers’ category, and that makes us writers all the more proud of our craft. If it were not an important facet of the movie, why would he associate himself with it?”
“We have taken utmost care to give the movie a very stylish look. Billa set a standard of putting out an urban, stylish movie that also appealed to the general masses and we are not just living up to it, but we have given our best effort to better it,” asserts Saran. “Watching Aasal being made and looking at the rushes, I had a feeling of coming of age. Tamil cinema has moved on to another level . There must be no turning back. The only way is forward,” sums up Yugi.
Thus muses Ajith: “There are so many stories that crop up all around a movie when the rumour mill doesn’t have any info to churn out! ‘Aasal is a remake of Payback’ Or, ‘Ajith wanted a prequel to Billa and this is what Aasal is all about’ or whatever else. Perhaps they believe it builds more anticipation. Or perhaps they just want to be the stars of their dinner-table conversations with scoop that is perhaps just a smidgen of an idea built into a tale. Never mind - they can all have their fun. I, on the other hand, still believe in keeping things mysterious and something to await eagerly in the dark. The movie experience should, after all, be fresh and a revelation!’’
Source: Galatta

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gowtham starts Ajith Film in April

Source: Dinakaran Jan 14, 2010

இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

May this Pongal Festival brings all the happiness in to everyones life... Happy Pongal to all

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ajith's ASAL postponed to Feb 12

Till now, there has been sort of discombobulating buzz about the film’s release and now it has been finalized for February 12, couple of days prior to Valentine’s Day.
The film will be released with more prints as the talks across the tinsel town have been commendably exceeding their expectations.

Gautham Menon's new script for Ajith

Source: Tamil Murasu Jan 12, 2010

Monday, 11 January 2010

Kungumam this week: Ajith in Aamir khan's way



MGR meets Sivaji in Aasal!

“When we began Villain, Ajith said he wanted to do a double role where one character would show off his acting skills and the other would be the commercial action hero. With Aasal, he combines both in one character,” reveals Yugi Sethu, screenwriter of Aasal. What Ajith fans expect from the actor is a lot of action, which Aasal gives scope for. But the added asset of the movie is the emotional quotient as well.
“In terms of story and theme, it combines the commercial elements of an MGR movie and the emotional elements of a Sivaji Ganesan movie. Whether you are a diehard Ajith fan or not, you will enjoy the movie because it has something for everybody. And Ajith has done an excellent job. He knows what his fans want, and hence his input in the writing and making process have only bettered the film,” adds Yugi, who has acted in Aasal after a ten-year break from acting.
Source: Galatta

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday 10-01-10 Titbits



Saturday, 9 January 2010

Following his heart - Bhardwaj on Asal audio Sales

With the soundtrack of “Asal” doing brisk sales, music director Bharadwaj is on a song
His foray into Tamil cinema started in 1993 with a film which got shelved. Bharadwaj had to wait for a whole year before a unique strategy by Magnasound, a record label, enabled him to provide music for a Telugu film, “Sogasu Chooda Tharanga”.
“The label recorded a set of songs and approached the producers with a readymade soundtrack around which a movie could be made. They liked the idea and, fortunately, the movie became a runaway success. The rest, as they say, is history, because I went on to do 15 films on the trot, with almost all of them becoming big hits,” says Bharadwaj. But, his heart was in Tamil and he had to again wait till 1996, when Ajith Kumar who was doing a film for first-time director Saran roped him in. “‘Kaadhal Mannan’ created waves at the box office, and I have not looked back since,” says Bharadwaj.
Interesting coincidence
By some strange coincidence, Bharadwaj’s first Tamil film, his 25th film and now, his 50th film have all been with Saran and Ajith. “Asal”, also the 50th film from Sivaji Productions, has been completed and the soundtrack is reportedly doing brisk sales. It is really a moment to cherish for Bharadwaj and a time to reminisce about his 17-year journey through the south Indian music industry. “In the course of this trek, I have done 80 films in all four languages, including 50 in Tamil. But, it all actually began with a devotional album on Lord Ayyappa that I recorded for CBS in 1986. I had moved from Delhi after spending quite some years there and being influenced by Hindustani music. My mind was set — although I was a qualified chartered accountant and had a cushy job, my heart was in music and I wanted to make it as a music director,” says Bharadwaj, whose initial years in the field were peppered with a number of non-film albums for CBS.
He knew that he was venturing into a dog-eat-dog industry where established music directors such as Ilaiyaraja and Deva were ruling the roost. A. R. Rahman was rearing his head and Harris Jayaraj was trying to gain a toe-hold. But, Bharadwaj persevered and struck out on a path with a style that was like none other. “I asked myself, why should someone listen to me? How different should I be to get noticed? I decided that, first and foremost, my music should have great clarity. The lyrical content should be meaningful and the rendition clear. My arrangements should be uncluttered and have the right commercial elements. I always remember what the late Madan Mohan used to say: Melody should come from the heart; the arrangements from the keyboard.”
The Asal effort
This has perhaps allowed Bharadwaj to do different genres of music with equal ease. Be it in the devotional songs of his initial years, the ‘O Podu’ of later years or the heart-rending ‘Em Thanthaiye’ from “Asal” (which he himself has sung), Bharadwaj has adapted his composing and singing style to suit the need of the hour. “In fact, for ‘Asal’, I have really re-invented myself to cater to a modern listener. I have also kept in mind that the songs are for a Sivaji Productions film; traditionally all their films have great music.”
“A music director is able to give his best when there is total dedication from all concerned. My wavelength with lyricist Vairamuthu is great; he has always come up with exceptional lyrics for my songs. When the director is equally passionate about the songs and not treat them as just another ingredient in a film, I am able to give my best,” says Bharadwaj.
He believes Tamil songs should be sung by singers who know the language. “Only then will they be able to infuse the required emotion into a song. In all my songs, I have never used a north Indian playback singer, however good he or she is. If you can’t understand the lyrics and are not able to pronounce the words properly, how do you expect the listener to appreciate the quality of music?” His favourite composition continues to be ‘Unnai Paartha Pinbu Naan’ from “Kaadhal Mannan”. “After all, that is what made me what I am today. My aspirations are to only create good music. I don’t normally listen to other composers’ songs, lest I get influenced. I consciously try to avoid engaging singers, musicians, and, sometimes, even instruments being used by others, so that there is no similarity in compositions. This has helped create a fresh and different sound for my songs.” Ask him whether he’s interested in imparting his knowledge to others, and he says, “Eventually, I will become a teacher. I teach at my school of music. I give lec-dems. I have learnt how to survive in this industry only because I have mastered the technical aspects of composing. It is very essential for a singer or a composer to be disciplined and technically sound if he has to succeed.”
Source: The Hindu Jan 09, 2010

Ajith and Shalini watched 3Idiots at Satyam Cinemas..

Ajith with had watched the bollywood blockbuster 3 idiots with his wife shalini today and Sathyam Cineplex matinee show. Insiders informed that Ajith was as enthusiastic as a kid in enjoying the movie and loved it very much. They were all Bowled over by Thala’s simplicity both in dress and attitude.

Though this news might make other sites to spread rumours that thala might remake this film guessing all wild combinations we are very sure there is no such intention behind watching the movie.


Ajithkumar ignores 'Ultimate Star' title..

English Version:

Titles and prefixes have always been a symbol of status, popularity, and success in the film industry. Right from the days of MGR and Sivaji Ganesan it has been a trend.

However, the new breed of actors seems to think otherwise. Yes, Ajith has decided to denounce his Ultimate Star title. The actor, who is affectionately called as the Ultimate Star, said that the film industry is undergoing a sea change and in such circumstances there is no need for titles.

The actor also reportedly wrote a letter to Sivaji Productions, the production house that has produced his yet-to-be released Asal, not to use the title.

Source: Dinathanthi Jan 09, 2010 & Behindwoods

Times of India: Ajith- An excellent accordian...

Friday, 8 January 2010

About Direction: Ajith's Answer

Source: Tamilmurasu Jan 08, 2010

Ajith's ASAL- Brisk Sales

‘Ultimate Star’ Ajith’s Aasal, has started its business and almost all areas have been sold out within a few hours after Sivaji Productions started the trade. NSC and Madurai areas have gone for very high prices. The music of the film has been well received, as there is something different in Bhardwaj’s tunes. Now the trade is looking forward to the first visual look of the film.

The buzz in the trade is that the film should make it to the theatres on February 5 or latest Feb 12, not beyond that as examination season starts towards the end of Feb. Aasal is tipped to have a 400 screen release in Tamil Nadu, as the film has the “king of opening” in the lead, enabling it to take a gargantuan opening.

Source: Sify

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