Saturday, 29 May 2010

Fifty, And Counting

Source: The Hindu May 29 2010

“No Underworld Theme For Ajith” Says Gautham

Along holiday in the English countryside and many accolades later, Gautham Vasudev Menon is a refreshed man. The director, who’s been scoring one hit after the other, is now swamped with offers to remake his latest hit, the Simbu-Trisha starrer Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (VTV) in several languages. It’s now said that Prateik Babbar will be playing the lead in its Hindi version. “When it works out, I’ll be directing it. We’ll get a clear picture after the second week of June,” explains Gautham.
It’s the first time that a bilingual has got such a response in recent times. “I’m glad we were able to capture two markets, Telugu and Tamil, in one go. Most films only get dubbed in other languages,” he says.
The director is also being credited for giving Simbu a make-over. “Contrary to reports, Simbu was totally hassle-free and is a very competent actor. As for Trisha, she’s a good friend and a down-to-earth girl. She carried off the sari look really well,” says Gautham.
He’s also got enquiries from Bangalore for the remake rights of VTV. “Let’s see how it goes. Things need to be sorted out,” he says, adding, “I also hear that Kaakha Kaakha (KK) is being remade there. That’s good.” But the flick will not have Gautham wielding the megaphone. “I’m a bit sceptical about remaking a film that released eight years ago. Nishikant Kamath will be directing it,” says Gautham. Meanwhile, he’s wrapping up a thriller with Sameera Reddy and a newcomer, after which he’ll start working on Ajith’s 50th film. “When Ajith returns from the F2 circuit, we’ll get started. Reports of it having an underworld theme are false,” states Gautham.
Source: Times of India (Dated: 29-5-2010)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ajith: I had a perfect race this time

Indian Actor-Racer Ajith Kumar had an eventful Race 1 at Monza for the Round 5 of the F2 Championship on May 22. Qualifying at P20 out of 21 drivers, Ajith Kumar completed the race in 14th position with his personal best lap time of 1:46.500.

Says Ajith, "I feel proud and privileged to race amongst some of the best drivers in the championship, especially our own country's Armaan Ebrahim and Parthiva Sureshwaran. I am thrilled to be racing on this excellent circuit in Monza, Italy and am happy that I have completed the race in 14th Position. I hope to do better in Round 6 which will happen tomorrow (May 23)."

In Race 2 on May 23, Ajith Kumar started at P20 and finished the race at 15th place with a personal best lap time of 1:46.211. Says Ajith, "I had a perfect race this time without getting involved in any incidents. I maintained my pace throughout the race and managed to not get lapped. At the end of this weekend, I can say that the overall exercise was very productive and I am confident of doing much better in the forthcoming rounds."

Courtesy : Motorsports India

Sunday, 23 May 2010

“First Car, First Choice” - Ajith’s Exclusive Interview

I believe all of us have two choices in life — to exist or to live. I chose the latter, says actor Ajith on his return to racing in this interview with Ashok Venugopal

A right hand to capatalise on their popularity by signing a dozen odd films or join some political party or at the best become a restaurateur, actor Ajith Kumar comes as a breath of fresh air. He neither believes in the rat race nor does he want to follow the ‘accepted’ path that most actors of his ilk do. He wants to pursue his first love that is motor sports. Having touched 40, Ajith has realised it is either now or never for him as a racer. So he has resisted signing some lucrative movie deals and has in fact postponed shooting for his 50th film just to pursue his passion for cars.

Seven years ago he was part of the Formula BMW Asia tour and although the actor managed two podium finishes his sabbatical from films hampered his movie career. But with hard-work and excellent choice of scripts and under dedicated directors he once again bounced back into the limelight to the delight of his fans who affectionately call him ‘thala’ (leader).

Today, with renewed vigour and determination Ajith wants to make a mark as a racer like he has as an actor. “I’ve come back with renewed vigour as I feel the time is ripe to encourage the youth of India to take to this sport. With three Indians in F2, I feel there is a lot of encouragement and camaraderie amongst (the drivers),” he says.

“Definitely I am better prepared this time. Just to be in F2, which is a step away from F1, gives a lot of self-confidence.” Listing the support he has received from within the racing world, Ajith thanks them for their encouragement: Jonathan Palmer (a former Formula One driver whose company co-ordinates and operates the new FIA F2 Championship), Piers Hunisett (a former successful racecar driver who handles Ajith’s racing programme/career), James Gornal (the official F2 driver co-ordinator, who provides all the competitors with necessary information), Simon Melluish and Sam Tremayne (the duo that, on behalf of F2, handle all the media releases/ Driver Photo shoots etc.) The actor insists that he is serious about racing and from the way Indians are revelling in motor sports he does not like the word ‘hobby’ attached to it anymore.

Ajith, from being a lover boy has matured as an actor and has done with equitable ease comedies and action films. He shared an excellent chemistry with the Simrans and Jyothikas and has held his own against Nayanthara and Sameera Reddys who are years younger to him.

Likewise Ajith believes he can match the likes of fellow Indian F2 drivers Armaan Ebrahim and Parthiva Sureshwaren, if not better them. He believes life not about just winning but enjoying and following what the heart tells you. “It is a combination of various factors. Upbringing, circumstances, experiences, fatherhood and others around you bring in a lot of maturity and confidence. I believe that all of us have two choices in live I chose the latter,” life -to exist or to live. latter” says the Billa star.

Ajith has fond memories of his first stint as a racer and cherishes his two podium finishes at British F3 2004 Scholarship Class. Likewise he believes his best effort in his movie career is the 1999 film `Valee’ because that film gave him recognition and he is glad he did the project.

Ajith believes he is improving with every race in his first F2 season and finds the entire package thrilling. “Most of the circuits are very demanding of both the driver and car. But, it makes the races more exciting. The cars are very powerful and close to F1 specifications. For my build, I feel the F2 cars are better suited than the F3 I have driven earlier,” says Ajith, who will next be seen at Monza, Italy . “The emphasis is to provide every driver an even playing platform to showcase his driving abilities. The Williams JPH1B F2 car was designed by the Williams F1 team and features ground effect aerodynamics and a sophisticated composite survival cell complying with the 2005 F1 safety regulations,” adds Ajith.

On whether the season has gone as expected, he said, “With three rounds already over, I have got quite used to the car. My agenda for the first few races was to finish, which I did. From the forthcoming rounds onwards it will be time to get better qualifying and finish positions.” As for his goal in his debut F2 season, he said, “My realistic goal is to try and complete every race. I will drive to the best of my abilities and as I progress into the various rounds, I hope to score some points this season. Therefore, I am working hard at understanding the car as well as learning the various tracks.” Passionate as he is about racing, does he fear his second stint at the paddock would affect his career as an actor? “I have decided to act in just one film a year. My 50th film will start when the current racing season is over. Therefore, my career as an actor will not get affected by my racing.

Motor racing is a parallel career option I am seriously pursuing. My family, friends and fans are a tremendous support,” says Ajith firmly.

He has great regard for friend and guide Narain Karthikeyan and shares the ace driver’s fitness trainer Ramji Srinivasan. Ajith is keen to improve the health of motor sports in India and has spoken to the Tamil Nadu Government to give more importance for motor sports.

“The day is not far,” he says, “when three Indians will be in F1.”

Source: The New Indian Express 23rd May 2010

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Ajith's latest racing images from Monza, Italy

Friday, 21 May 2010

cute Anoushka with Ajith and Shalini

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Happy Birthday THALA AJITH

* படிச்சது பத்தாம் வகுப்புதான்..

* ஐந்து மொழிகளை தங்கு தடை இல்லாமல் பேசக் கூடியவர்..

* தனது வாழ்க்கையை ஒரு எளிய மெக்கானிக்காக ஆரம்பித்தவர்..

* பிற்காலத்தில் இந்தியாவின் பெருமையாக பார்முலா ரேசிங்கில் கலந்து கொண்டார்..

* சினிமாவில் நுழைந்தாலும் 4 - 5 வருடங்கள் நிலையான இடம் கிடைக்காமல் போராட்டம்..
* நடிப்புக்காக பல "filmfare" அவார்டுகளை வாங்கியவர்...

* CBSC பிரிவில் ஐந்தாம் வகுப்பில் அவர் பற்றிய ரோல் மாடல்கள் என்ற பாடம் சேர்க்கப் பட்டுள்ளது..

* மே 1 இல பிறந்து - உழைப்புக்கும் தன்னம்பிக்கைக்கும் உதாரணமாக இருப்பவர்..

* கிங் ஒப் ஓபனிங் என்று தமிழ் திரையுலகில் அழைக்கப்படுபவர்..

* அசல் "தல"....
அல்டிமேட் ஸ்டார் அஜித்குமாருக்கு இனிய பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்..

தல போல வருமா? தல போல வருமா?
தல போல வருமா? தல போல வருமா?
நடையில் உடையில் படையில் கொடையில்
தொடை தட்டி அடிப்பதில்
தலை வெட்டி முடிப்பதில்
தல போல வருமா? தல போல வருமா?
தல போல வருமா? தல போல வருமா?

நெஞ்ச்சில் பட்டதை சொல்வானே
நெத்தியடியில் வெல்வானே
நெருப்பின் புத்திரன் இவன் தானே
இவனுக்கு இரவிலும் வெயில்தானே
அட்டகாசத்தில் புயல்தானே
நீல வானத்தை மடியில் கட்டுவான்
நிலவின் முதுகிலே முரசு கொட்டுவான்
தலையுள்ள பயல்களெல்லாம் தலயல்ல
தல போல வருமா? தல போல வருமா?
தல போல வருமா? தல போல வருமா?

தல போல வருமா? தல போல வருமா?
தல போல வருமா?

விண்ணை வீழ்த்த ஒரு விலில்லை
இவனை வீழ்த்த ஒரு தில் இல்லை
எவனை நம்பியும் இவனில்லை
பாதுகாப்புக்கு யாருமில்லை
இவன் பத்து விரல்களும் காவல்துறை
வெற்றி வெற்றிதான் ஆயுள்வரை
ஒரு சொல்லிலே நின்று காட்டுவான்
நின்ற இடத்திலே வென்று காட்டுவான்
தருதலையோ தவக்களையோ தலயல்ல
தல போல வருமா? தல போல வருமா?
தல போல வருமா? தல போல வருமா?

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