Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ajith and dhayanidhi azhagiri images at mankatha shooting spot

Ajith new images at Mankatha shooting

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

May 24 : Mankatha paper ad

Sunday, 22 May 2011

super hit single track in mankatha

Source: dinamalar 22-may-2011

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Mankatha single hits the stands - Deccan Chronicle

Source: deccan chronicle 21-may-2011

Friday, 20 May 2011

Listen vilayadu mankatha song online

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Mankatha Single CD release : Rush in Shops

Source: Maalaimalar 20-may-2011

Vilayadu Mankatha Song Lyrics

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Suchitra
Singers: Anitha, Premgi Amaren, Ranjith, Suchitra, Yuvan Shankar Raja and others

Aada va... Arangetri paada va...
Adiyaargal kuda va... Vidai pottu theda va...
Bhoomiyil puthithana thozhaney...
Pugal kurum seedaney... Nee vaa vaa dheeraney...

Vilaiyaadu Mangaatha... Vida matta engaatha..
Veli vesham podatta... Intha vetri kitta varatha?
Vilaiyaadu Mangaatha.. Vida matta engaatha
Veli vesham podatta, Intha vetri kitta varatha?
Manathinai maattrada (Ok)
Magilchiyai yetrada (Ok)
Kuraigalai nikkada (Hey Hey)
Thadaigalai thukki pottu pooda
Udalukkul neruppada (Ho Ho)
Unarvugal kothippada (Ha Ha)
Puthu vidhi eluthada (Hey Hey)
Puratchiyai seithu kaatta vaada

Aada va.. Arangetri paada va..
Adiyaargal kuda va.. Vidai pottu theda va..
Bhoomiyil puthithana thozhaney,
Pugal kurum seedaney... Nee vaa vaa dheeraney..

Drinking too much owwwww... Smoking too much weeeeeeed...
I got ma head twisted round all over me!
Drinking too much owwwww... Smoking too much weeeeeeed...
I got ma head twisted round all over me!

Theenda va.. Ennai thottu thunda va
Uyir thannai thanda va.. Thunai aanai aandava
Mothava.. Mulu moga thuthuva
Mugam jothi allava? Mozhi indri sollava?

Buthi enbathu, sakthi enbathai
Katru kollada en nanba
Bakthi enbathai thozhilil vaithu vaa
Nitham vetri than en nanba!
Ithu pudhu kural thiru kural thaaney
Ithai purintha pin, karai yetrum munney
Ini poruppinai yetru, puthu paani yaatru
Poga vendum meley.. Munneru..

Nach le udthi patang be
Kudh pe thu tond ley
Ye hath uta ley
Soch ley kya hai majbooriyan
Sunneri daastha hatlo dusthakiyan

Mankatha daaaaa

Vilaiyaadu Mangaatha.. Vida matta engaatha
Veli vesham podatta, Intha vetri kitta varatha?
Vilaiyaadu Mangaatha.. Vida matta engaatha
Veli vesham podatta, Intha vetri kitta varatha?
Manithanai vilikka vai (Ok)
Ninaivinai thuvaithu vai (Ok)
Kanavinai Jeikka vai (Ok)
Kavanathai thozhilil vaithu vaada
Uravinai perukki vai (Ok)
Uyarvinai paninthu vai (Ok)
Unmaiyai nilaikka vai (Ok)
Ulagathai thirumbi paarka vai da!!
Vilaiyaadu Mangaatha.. Vida matta engaatha
Veli vesham podatta, Intha vetri kitta varatha?
Vilaiyaadu Mangaatha.. Vida matta engaatha
Veli vesham podatta, Intha vetri kitta varatha?

Mankatha daaaaa

Ha Ha... Yeah…

'Mankatha' One track wonder - Times of India

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s single for Ajith’s film is all set to hit the stands. Chennai Times gets you the story
It looks like releasing single track albums is the current rage in Kollywood. Ever since Vaanam’s single track album, which was released recently, became a hit, producers have been keen on releasing such single track albums. Venkat Prabhu’s Mankatha, which has Ajith in the lead, will have its single track launch tomorrow. A Mumbai-based audio label is introducing the single CD track, which will have the trailer song Vilayadu Mankatha….
Speaking about the single Mankatha track, Yuvan said, “This is the first track that I composed for Mankatha. This is what we do, and we do it the best! Hip hop you know we don’t stop! Here comes the single! Vilaiyadu Mankatha!” The music director is pleased that his Vaanam single track was able to create a trend in Tamil music. The buzz is that more big ticket movies with popular music directors are going for a single-track launch, which will be a sort of a first look of the film.
The audio label is going for a big launch of Mankatha’s music. A spokesperson of the music label said, “Mankatha has been able to create a buzz even before its release due to Ajith. We see a positive wave in Ajith’s Mankatha and the youthful music of Yuvan Shankar Raja.”
Adding to the excitement, Mankatha CDs will come with a poster personally autographed by Ajith himself. Vilayadu Mankatha… has been sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja, Ranjith, Premji Amaran, Anita and Sucharitha, a new talent introduced by Yuvan. Venkat Prabhu has said that the song is set in Bangkok in a club and was shot for four consecutive days. The song’s lyrics is a mixture of three languages. While Yuvan has penned the English lyrics, his uncle Gangai Amaran has written Tamil part of it. The Hindi lines have been provided by Sucharitha.
Source: Times of India (Dated: 20-5-2011)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ajith's Press Release For Mankatha Single Audio Release

I am happy to be working with Yuvan once again. The song albums of our earlier films "Dheena"& "Billa" were very well received. Hoping that Mankatha album too lives up to the expectations.

I have enjoyed every single day of filming "Mankatha". Venkat Prabhu is a very sensible n dedicated director. He is definitely one of the finest directors that i have worked with.

Producer Dayanidhi Azhagiri has been extremely supportive....

This being my 50th film I take this opportunity to thank all my Producers, Directors, Co-stars, Music directors, Technicians, Distributors, Exhibitors, P.R.Os, Media, Critics, the movie goers, my fans & my family for making this journey possible. I am nothing without the support of my genuine fans. Live & let live. I love u all.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Vaibhav with Ajith in Bike ride

Vaibhav tweeted as follows: Whatta awesome ride I had with my na thala!!!

Actor siddharth about Ajith and Mankatha

Actor Siddharth tweeted as follows : Had a chance meeting with the team of 'Mangatha'. Wonderful as always to see the awesome Ajith. He's a dude! All the best to the film:) Yuvan is kicking up a storm in 'Mangatha'. Director venkat prabhu and his musical genius cousin are onto some superb stuff...again!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ajith stunning bike drive at Mankatha Shooting spot

Thala Ajith is always known for his bold attempts, stunts and more than anything else ‘the speed lover’ in him is admired by his fans internationally.

His forthcoming movie ‘Mankatha’ had required a scene with thala driving fast in a National Highway. Director Venkat Prabhu sent these remarkable videos to IndiaGlitz from the shooting spot itself.
To test the scene’s actual, Ajith with Venkat Prabhu behind him went on a drive and thala dreaded Venkat Prabhu with his speed for he drove at a shocking 180 kmph speed in the highway!

That’s not it. For the second drive, Venkat Prabhu preferred not to go along with the Ultimate Star, obviously. And even more shockingly, even without wearing a helmet, thala drove for this second test drive at a shocking 220 kmph speed!

Look at the special video that we have gotten for you, our viewers. The video shows how Ajith, while coming back at the same speed during the second test drive, out beats the cameraman’s speed for he vanishes in a jiffy even before the camera pans!

Shocking isn’t it?

The test drives and the actual were shot in a National Highway in North, where he drove a 1000cc Honda bike. Thala has sure made his fans more than proud through this bold attempt

Source: Indiagliz and youtube

Ajith unseen image at Mankatha shooting

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Trisha new Mankatha still

Kumudam Exclusive : "Ajith Aadum Athiradi Cricket"

Source: Kumudham weekly magazine 11-may-2011
Thanks to

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mankatha Latest News

Mankatha team today went to hyderabad for 23days of shoot. 

The single track album of ‘Mankatha’ will soon get released. Yuvan Shankar Raja has completed working on the track and has forwarded it to the company in UK and the final mastering will be done there. The makers are planning to release the single track album by this weekend or probably by next Monday.
Dayanidhi Azhagiri cannot resist himself by singing praises of Yuvan Shankar Raja. He has said that the it’s gonna be a big blast of festival for Ajith Kumar fans.
On his part, Yuvan Shankar Raja has said, ‘I can just say one thing about the song now. The Track is Hot’….
and Moreover 2 mins trailer of Mankatha will hit theaters from this Friday along with Azhgar Saamiyin Kuthirai. 

Thursday, 5 May 2011

May 5 - Mankatha Paper Ad

Ajith with Photographer 'Stills Ravi'

‘Thalai’ sends heads rolling

In an exclusive chat, Ajith tells why he disbanded fan clubs. Fans plan protest march in Chennai.     
Birthdays are august occasions for the stars to boost their image and fan following. But not for Ajith. On his 40th birthday last Sunday, the Tamil actor – popularly called Thalai — did the unthinkable by deciding to disband his all his fan clubs across the state.  Remember, Ajith has the most number of fan clubs after Rajinikanth in Tamil Nadu. 

What was the trigger? For the first time after he took the “shocking decision”, Thalai has opened up to Bangalore Mirror, “It was a tough decision, but I had to take it. My fans associations have always been involved in philanthropic work. I really took pride in that. But of late, especially during the election time, I came to know that some members of my fans’ association had started misusing my name with reference to certain political parties. I came to know that even some monetary transactions took place in the context.”   

Though the actor has not named any particular party, it is learnt that some of the fans have started campaigning for the AIADMK-led front.  

The actor said, “I am finishing my 50th film Mankatha. I shall be failing in my duty if I fail to sincerely thank all those who have been associated in shaping my career so far. I thank all my fans, directors and well-wishers.” 

He added, “I have never exploited my fans’ goodwill for professional or personal advancement.” 

Calling a spade a spade has been Ajith’s hallmark always. Last year, when the entire Tamil film fraternity had gathered in Chennai with a view to honouring  Chief Minister Karunanidhi, Ajith had shocked everyone by his plain talk. Starting from Rajinikanth to Kamal, all the stars showered praises on the DMK leader. Ajith said film stars, who are busy shooting elsewhere, should not be forced to attend such felicitations as it not only disturbs the work schedule, but also enhances the cost of production. The entire stadium fell silent before Rajinikanth rose from his seat and started clapping, much to the surprise of the crowd.

Sources say fans from Sivagangai are now planning to meet Ajith and request him to reconsider his decision. If the star does not relent, they will stage a protest in front of his residence in Chennai.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

May 4 - Mankatha paper ad

Monday, 2 May 2011

Thy name is Vinayak - Director Venkat Prabhu Interview

In a chat with CT, Venkat Prabhu talks about Ajith’s character in his film and more
V Lakshmi
Director Venkat Prabhu is gearing up for the last schedule of his Mankatha with Ajith. Talking exclusively to CT, Venkat says, “We just have to shoot the climax of the film and a lengthy action sequence. We’ll start after May 10 and finish them at a stretch. We might also go to Bangkok for a chase sequence. If all goes well, the film should release by June.”
Mankatha will be a landmark film in Ajith’s career as it is his 50th film. I had written three scripts for Ajith, but he chose Mankatha. I was a little apprehensive because Ajith’s character in the film, Vinayak Mahadevan, has shades of grey. In fact, I can say he’s the villain in the film. But anna, as I call Ajith, calmed me down and said this would be perfect for his 50th film. He jokingly said that he had no political ambitions and that he could afford to be politically incorrect. Also, Ajith likes Heath Ledger a lot and loves his portrayal of negative characters. So, Ajith was convinced he could pull off Vinayak.
Arjun plays a cop, Prithvi, in the film. The role is extremely powerful and we first approached Nagarjuna for it. He was kicked about it and even wanted to make the film in Telugu, in which he wanted to play Ajith’s role. But we couldn’t work out dates and I couldn’t think of a better person than Arjun to play a cop. It was also nice of Trisha, Lakshmi Rai, Anjali and Andrea to agree to be a part of this film, despite knowing that the film’s dominated by male stars.
Ajith loves to experiment with his looks. He had sideburns in Aasal and a beard in Aegan. We wanted a different look for him in our film and Vasuki Baskar, our costume designer and stylist, zeroed in on a salt and pepper look, a la George Clooney, for Ajith. What’s interesting is that at the same time, Ajith also sent us a couple of looks inspired from Clooney. After seeing him in the film, I’m sure men will stop dying their hair black!
When we were shooting in Dharavi, Ajith sprained his leg. He had to walk with the help of crutches and despite the pain, shot for a chase sequence. He will be seen sporting a cast and crutch in it. Somehow, those stills were circulated on the Internet and rumours started spreading that Ajith plays a dual role and one is that of a physically-challenged person!
Though I couldn’t release the film or its audio on on Ajith’s birthday (May 1), I wanted to surprise him and hence, at 12 am on May 1, I released the song trailer of Mankatha on a popular video sharing website!
Source: Times of India (Dated: 2-5-2011)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mankatha Thala Birthday Paper Ad

Happy Birthday Ajith - Thala Pola Varuma

Fan frenzy of Tamil actors - Times of India Report

With Ajith disbanding his fan clubs recently, TOI examines the nature of fan clubs and their work in Tamil Nadu…
Are Tamil actors getting jittery about their fan clubs? Ajith, one of the most popular stars in Tamil cinema with a huge fan base, has recently issued a press statement disbanding his fan clubs.
On the eve of his 40th birthday (he celebrates his birthday today), the star stated that while he appreciated his fans’ work and dedication, it would be better for them to keep it apolitical. It looks like the actor has come to know that his fan clubs are being used to further the interests of certain political parties. The actor added that he had never used or exploited his fans for personal gain. However, he’s under tremendous pressure to reconsider his decision as it comes as a shock for fans who were planning to celebrate the actor’s birthday in a grand manner.
The star has taken a bold step to disband his well-oiled fan clubs, which are spread all over the state. He’s not the first actor to be troubled by such clubs. In Tamil Nadu, the mighty fans’ associations have always been a lucrative vote bank right from the days of MGR. In fact, Vijayakanth built his political career on the strength of his fan clubs.
The pressure on actors like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan from their fans to dive into the murky world of Tamil politics has forced the icons to play down their fan base. Associating with these actors seems to be on top of the priority list for politicians, most of whom made a beeline to Rajinikanth’s residence to get his blessings during the recent assembly polls.
Says Madurai-based Kumaravel, who has been affiliated to various fan clubs, “In the 80s and 90s, genuine fans used to spend money from their pocket to put up cut-outs of his hero. They also used to feed the poor on the day of release and generate an opening for the star. Today, professional politicians have hijacked the fan clubs and are using it to make money and cultivate vote banks.”
Meanwhile, a source close to Ajith says, “A majority of his admirers feel that he has taken the right decision, considering today’s highly-politicised atmosphere. Posters lauding his efforts have come up in Madurai. One of them say, ‘Thaliva, Ennaku Padaviyum Vendam, Iyakkam Vendam. Ungal Idayathil Idam Mattum Podum’ (’We don’t want any post, any club. All we want is a place in your heart.’) That mirrors the feelings of the genuine fan, who brings real happiness to Ajith sir.”
Source: Times of India (Dated: 1-5-2011)

Mankatha Song Trailer

Birthday wishes to Thala Ajith Kumar

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